Walk-In Appointments

Our Clinic welcomes walk-in appointments each business day before noon.
We are open everyday except Thursdays and Sundays

Please read pre-op instructions under 'patient info' tab. No Eating, drinking, driving.

We recommend you call us to check for availability or schedule an appointment. This will minimize waiting. 
It is clinic policy to have appointment clients seen ahead of walk-in clients.

There is a fee payable by cash/debit.

Do Not Drive Yourself

(Ask a friend, have an alternate driver, or consider taking public transportation)
Do not drive on the day of your appointment. Please arrange for another licensed driver to operate your vehicle, or utilize public transportation.

The Subway (TTC) is directly across the street from our office building (Jane Station, on the Bloor-Danforth Line).

No Eating or Drinking 6 Hours Prior to Procedure

(Except water and prescriptions upto 2 hours beforehand)
We recommend no eating or drinking a minimum of six hours prior to your appointment. Occasionally, nausea and adverse reaction to the drugs administered can have an unsettling effect.

Eating a small meal the evening prior to your appointment, and forgoing breakfast on the day of your procedure are therefore required.