What Others Have Said About Us

I suggested this clinic to my younger sister, since I’ve been there myself. She checked the review and was frightened to read a recent negative one. After I assured her, she went ahead and was able to get an appointment the very next day. I drove her to the clinic and stayed with her while she filled out the forms and during the counselling session. We both found the counselor and the rest of the staff to be very friendly, they even took the time to happily answer all of our questions. She really liked the doctor who was able to help sort out the different types of birth control that were suitable for her. Both of us would recommend this clinic to anyone.
— Monika D., Google Reviews
I just had my second abortion today (my first time was five years ago at a different clinic in Toronto) [...] the medical staff at the Clinic were extremely patient and helpful- offering me great support and advice. The nurses and doctors were so welcoming, attentive, and sensitive. Furthermore, any questions I had regarding the procedure were answered without a problem. Following the procedure (which was quick and easy unlike the previous clinic I went to five years ago) I was offered snacks, a soft drink, and most importantly, a warm smile. The Staff at the clinic is made up of women ONLY making it a safe and comfortable space (unlike at other clinic’s in the GTA). Considering how difficult this procedure could be emotionally, my experience at the Bloor West Women’s Clinic today was incredible, and I recommend it to any woman.
— T.H.Y, Google Reviews
I went here recently and found the staff amazing. I was really terrified, and there was no need to be. I got there with my partner and filled out some forms. Then I went into a counseling session (they offered my partner to come in as well) with a nice nurse who talked about what would happen step by step and spoke to me about also inserting an IUD after the procedure. I told her what I was most afraid of (needles!) and she let the nurses know so they really took their time. I changed and went into a room — I was introduced to two nurses and a really young friendly female doctor. They did an ultra sound and then the nurse prepped my arm for the IV. Once that was in, it took effect immediately. The entire procedure took under 5 minutes (including IUD insertion) and I couldn’t believe the relief I felt when it wasn’t as painful or uncomfortable as I’d imagined. Overall, although it’s a sucky procedure to get done, I’m happy I went with this clinic and think these ladies are quite amazing. I was also surprised to learn that women from all over come in - so we are certainly lucky to be able to exercise this right as women.
— Jay Vee, Google Reviews
All of step is very kind and friendly and women. I really appreciated it to make me comfortable and they trated me as “REAL daughter” with respecting. I didnlt have choice cause I wanted to make appointment as soon as possible but I am so happy with my choice. Location is good, all step is good, atmosphere is good!!! I love them. Thanks
— Eunji Oh, Google reviews
From the time I booked my appointment until I left, eeryone was really kind and made me feel comfortable. I was also happy to be able to book my appointment on Saturday, since I was coming from Sudbury.
— Kathryn B., Google reviews
My sister went to this clinic and recommended I go there as she was very pleased. I was skeptical after reading some reviews but choose to go there anyway. Not only was I very pleased with the whole experience but I want to comment on the staff who were so professional and caring. The counselor made me feel so relaxed as she explained everything to me as it was going to happen, she answered all my questions and not once showed any hint of judgement about my decision to terminate my pregnancy. The doctor was so sweet and understanding about the stress I was going through. she kept a conversation going about school, my boyfriend, where I could go for lunch afterwards and before I knew everything was over. The 2 nurses assisting her were amazing and so friendly. Lastly, the recovery room nurse pampered me and was very helpful in answering the questions I had about birth control. I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who considers an abortion as it is truly a clinic where you feel that the staff are caring and respect you.
— Veronique B., Google reviews
Under the circumstances the best experience one can have. Previous reviews helped me pick this clinic and I am glad I did. The staff was very friendly and the procedure over before I knew it - it literally felt like 2 minutes. I loved that they gave me a cute nightgown to wear during the procedure. A small detail, but it made me feel so much more comfortable.
— Yvonne, Google reviews
I called several clinics and was either treated rudely or unable to have my questions answered. I chose this place because they did take the time and put my fears at ease.
— Melissa T from Mississauga, Google reviews
Thank you. I came with my mom and wanted her to be there during the procedure. The counsellor said that my mom can come into the councelling office. She then told us that there will be two nurses and the doctor with me. I was really scared but the nurse in the room said that she would be my mom for the next few minutes. She was really nice to me and gave me lots of medication and i couldn’t believe it was over so quick. My mom and I would like to thank all the staff at Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic. Jessica from Barrie.
— Jessica, Google reviews
I don’t have OHIP coverage as yet and called a few clinics to find out prices. This has been the cheapest clinic I could find. They even included a two week follow-up at no additional cost. They were very nice here.
— Anon. Google Reviews
Staff were warm and welcoming. I recently visited this clinic with my boyfriend, and we were surprised with how nice the staff were. We were both really nervous, and had a lot of questions. I thought I was going to have to go through this alone, but when they said my boyfriend could accompany me into the counselors room, it put me at ease. The counselor answered all of our questions and explained all of my options, and I didn’t feel any pressure. The nurses were excellent as they talked to me throughout and calmed my nerves. I really appreciated that I didn’t feel pressured, judged, or rushed throughout this experience. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.
— Aaron, Google reviews
I brought my girlfriend to this clinic and was a rather nice place. From what she told me the nurses and doctors were very kind to her and talk her through every step of the procedure. She says she didn’t feel much pain and she gave her enough time to rest. We were going through a rough patch in our relationship and I was glad to find a place to help us go through it. We highly recommend this clinic to others.
— Sean Smith, Google reviews
Very good experience - I went to 2 other clinics before and had a very bad time. I was scared because of the pain I’d had before, and this time I couldn’d believe it when they said it was over. This place really cares and I liked that they were all women.
— Anon. Google reviews
I was at this clinic last Saturday and I would say that I was very pleased with all the staff. They made me feel comfortable and the doctor gave me all the option for my early pregnancy which the other clinic that I went to 2 years ago didn’t do. It is true I saw some patient crying and some are sleeping. [...] As far as im concerned, I would recommend this clinic to anybody. The nurses and doctors are very friendly. Booking is easy you can call today and book tomorrow. My advice is, DON’T GO IF YOU ARE NOT READY!
— Jenna McKowski, Google reviews