D&C After Failed Medical Abortion


My medical abortion didn’t work – what do I do now?

If you have decided to get a medical abortion, you should know that sometimes the procedure doesn’t work. If that has happened to you, then get in touch with the medical provider who gave you the abortion so you can let them know.

However some health care providers don’t have access to surgical services to treat a failed medical abortion. At Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic we will help you manage your failed medical abortion, including offering definitive surgical treatment.

Sometimes the medication you took did stop the pregnancy from growing, but did not cause it to be expelled from your body (retained products of conception/ incomplete abortion). You may be experiencing ongoing bleeding and discomfort that you would like to end.

Or you may have a pregnancy that is still growing. In that case you should definitely receive surgical care, because a pregnancy that has been exposed to the medications in the medical abortion – Mifegymiso – has an increased risk of birth defects.

Surgical management is a service we can provide with many same-day or next-day appointments available. You can self-refer or ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to refer you.

Please review our surgical abortion page to learn about how to be ready for a surgical procedure. Importantly, do not eat for six hours before your appointment, and do not drive yourself to the clinic.

Note: if your health care provider talked to you about a possible ectopic pregnancy then it is important that you follow-up with them to rule out this complication. An ectopic or tubal pregnancy can be life-threatening and should be taken very seriously. It can only be managed properly at the hospital.