Pre-Appointment Instructions

You can expect to stay at our Clinic for two to three hours. However, the abortion procedure takes less than five minutes. The remainder of your stay is spent having medical and surgical assessments, meeting with our counsellor, and recovering from the procedure.

Important Information

  • Please do not eat anything 6 hours prior to your procedure. You may drink clear fluids up until 2 hrs prior to the procedure.
  • All medications should be taken as prescribed with sips of water.
  • Because of the medication you will be receiving, you cannot drive after your appointment and for the the next 24 hours. Please arrange to have someone drive you, if possible, or take public transportation/taxi.
  • You must be able to communicate in English. If you are not fluent, please bring a translator with you to the appointment.

We are located directly across the street from Jane Subway Station.